An All American favorite.

These were my favorite sugar cookies growing up.  I don’t like the flat, doughy flavor of most sugar cookies.  These cookies have a cake-like texture, and the hint of nutmeg reminds me of donuts…which I haven’t eaten in years! Rolling and cutting these into festive shapes makes these a sure family favorite. Try a variety of cookie cutters and sprinkles to change it up.  Read the recipe. (more…)

Spring is in the oven.

White cake mix and pistachio pudding will make this recipe a favorite of semi-homemade fans. Subtle flavors and spring-like colors make it the perfect spring treat. See the recipe. (more…)

One word: Comfort.

Brrrrr. I’m ready for St. Patrick’s Day! Piping hot mashed potatoes, fresh french bread, and guinness soaked beef with a stew gravy…now we’re talking.  This was so good that everyone even ate their vegetables, and I don’t think anyone got drunk in the process. See how I made this. (more…)

Armenian flatbread delight.

I picked up some lahvosh bread at a local specialty store, and why not? If you have never had this, you are truly missing out. After eating a whole 12″ piece of the dry crackerbread, I decided to experiment. The result was nothing short of yummy. A little thicker than crepes, the sweet-ish bread combined with the cheesecake-ish filling combined with the tart-ish lingonberry preserves are just the right balance. And they are easy to make.


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